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Lost Training Facilities? Time to Change Workout Cycles

Stew Smith

Lost Training Facilities?
- Time to Change Workout Cycles - 

How many of you have lost training facilities? No full gym?  No pool?  I'm confident that your overriding aim is to keep training hard, but have lost most of your equipment.  Now what?

In a tactical fitness world, our number one goal is to be able to keep training like your buddy's life depended on it. I know you want to continue to be an asset in this crazy world.

Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization

In the big picture, this is really no big deal because for over 20 years, we have been transitioning from a weight training cycle in the Fall / Winter into a more Calisthenics and Cardio based training cycle in the Spring / Summer.  The current situation just bumped us into a more calisthenics based training program a few week ahead of schedule.  No big deal! Think of the four seasons as a way to challenge ALL of the fitness elements (speed, agility, endurance (run, swim, ruck), strength / power, muscle stamina, mobility and flexibility) – not all at once but throughout the year. You will find you can still be above average in ALL the elements of fitness which is invaluable to successful Tactical Fitness professions.

No need to be like most people and get out of shape when they lose their full gym training facilities.  With some creativity, you can still have “heavy resistance training” into this cycle even without a gym.  As a tactical athlete, we cannot afford to not train as we need to remain an asset to our world and avoid getting out of shape.

Well, here's some good news...

It is time to change cycles.  If you have never done a seasonal periodization training cycle, now is the time to consider it.  For this cycle (Spring), all it means is less lifting, more calisthenics, a steady progression of running (cardio of choice) throughout the next few cycles of training (Spring / Summer).  Here is what you will notice by changing exercise cycles and energy systems:

  • You can do this just about anywhere...and receive:
  • Leaner muscle mass
  • Better muscle stamina
  • Better cardiovascular endurance (run, swim, ruck, other)
  • Better PT Test scores (run and calisthenics)
  • Maintain overall strength
  • And even maintain muscle size 

What may have been holding you back in previous training years is a lack of fun and challenging calisthenics based workouts.  Here at – we have the solution!

Calisthenics and Cardio - No Equipment Needed Guide For Body Weight Exercisers and maybe a good option for people of all fitness levels to stay home or get outside and train.

Here is what you get with this BOOK or EBOOK:

- A 30 Day Beginner Chart to get moving again - TRUE BEGINNERS.

- A Six Week Intermediate program that progresses with miles of running and meters of swimming as cardio options along with building a calisthenics base. 

- An Eight Week Advanced Spec Ops Level PST prep cycle that will focus not only on the PST, but many of the other exercises seen in grinder PTs and beat down activities (Bear crawls, fireman carries, lunges, etc). 

NEED TO REPLACE SWIMMING?  There will be swimming involved as a cardio option - but you can replace swimming with a variety of idea - See Swimming Replacement Ideas

In Conclusion

Stew Smith has been specializing in creating a large variety of training options using calisthenics and other equipment to enhance training cycles for over 20 years.  There is a time and place for heavy lifts, less running, and other activities required of the tactical athlete, this is just not that season.  Give yourself a break from the heavy lifts and work on other elements of fitness needed for your profession as well as your overall health / wellness.

Here's the answer for solving this issue with once and for all. If you're a someone who has lost training facilities who wants to keep training like your buddy's life depended on it, check out this Calisthenics and Cardio Training Program - Claim your copy right now!

Other Programs That Use Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization

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Here is how we break down the year: 

Spring - Calisthenics and cardio workouts. Run / Swim Progression.

Summer - Calisthenics and cardio workouts (advanced). Run max / PT Peak, Swim progression.

The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness


Fall - Calisthenics, weights, and decrease running / non-impact cardio workouts. Ruck / Swim with fins progression.

Winter – Warmup with calisthenics, but this cycle is heavy weights, weight vest calisthenics, more non-impact cardio workouts. Some rucking / More Swim with fins peak.  Most people put on 10-15 lbs in this cycle (of muscle and gains in strength).

Other Personalized Options

Online Personal Coaching – Receive one on one training with Stew Smith as he personally designed programs for you that fit your schedule (time per day / days per week), abilities, facilities / equipment, and goals. There personally designed programs for YOU are received one week at a time and each week YOUR feedback helps to create the following week of training. We work around issues that get in the way of our typical training days – injury / aches / pains, work, family, travel, and deadlines. Call and talk to Stew to see if it is right for you. 

Best of all, if you have questions, email Stew Smith himself (  Join the tactical fitness group discussions, latest articles, videos, podcasts at the Stew Smith Tactical Fitness Training Closed Group on Facebook.

Check out the New StewSmith Fitness Club (Member's Only Content and Services)  - 

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