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New Winter Lift with PST Prep /Test Week Block Periodization

Stew smith cycles periodization pst strength

New Winter Lift with PST Prep /Test Week
Block Periodization

Increase Strength & Crush the PST / PAST
3 Weeks Strength - 1 Week PT / Cardio Focus 
(16 weeks)

Typically, the Fall / Winter lift cycle is a reduced number of calisthenics, added weight lifting, weight vests, and other devices to make calisthenics harder combined with reduced running distance each week.  This has had a recovery and therapeutic effect on our training group's joints, feet, shins, and other areas where high miles and high repetitions can show over-use pain. That is one reason why we shift cycles.  The main reason is that some athletes NEED more strength. However, if you have been in this tactical athlete training process for a while and starting to see your PST numbers reach competitive levels, see increased work capacity and durability, you maybe ready for a new cycle I am testing out this Fall / Winter.

Click picture for the Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization Cycles

Introducing the 4 / 2 Block Periodization Cycle (4 Week Strength / 2 Week PST)

It is up to you the order you want to do the 4 / 2 week blocks of training.  My advice is to start with a 2 week block just to get a baseline test score - whatever you fitness test is.  For this case, we are doing the Navy BUDS PST (but it can be easily rearranged for the AF PAST or replaced by Army, USMC, other tests if you prefer. 

Two Week PST Phase - See the Classic PST Training Week and Double PST Workout week article for FREE workout details.  Or if you prefer you can do any of the PST based training programs for 2 weeks I have created.


Navy SEAL Workout Phase 1 Beginner Weeks 1-9 
Navy SEAL Workout Phase 2 - 3 - Intermediate Weeks 1-12
Navy SEAL Workout Phase 4 Grinder PT - Four weeks before Hell Week
Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness Book

Four Week Lift Cycle - You can do whatever lift cycle you prefer.  This can be one of you own making, classic powerlifting cycle, hypertrophy, or whatever your like to do in the gym.  Or you can use any of my Fall / Winter Lift cycles below as they are also coupled with just the right amount of cardio needed to sustain PST levels of high scoring. 

After you have completed the six weeks, repeat it again rotating between 4 week lift cycle followed (or preceded) by a two week PST Cycle / Test Week. 

Our plan is to do this for 12-18 weeks and see where we stand on our strength, speed, agility, PST numbers using the Assessment Tool Score Chart to compare our abilities with successful spec ops candidates of the past. 

Check out the NEW Block Periodization Cycle we did Winter of 2020-21:

Increase Strength & Crush the PST / PAST
3 Weeks Strength - 1 Week PT / Cardio Focus 
(16 weeks)

Programs that are Fall / Winter Lifting Based with Faster / Shorter Cardio (More non-impact options)

Tactical Fitness, Tactical Strength, Navy SEAL Weight Training Workout, Weight Vest Workout,  Stew Smith's Fall Winter Cycle


Here are our options at that assist with doing this type of training:

Programs / Combos that have full Spring / Summer and Fall Winter Cycles: 

Maximum Fitness, Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness / Navy SEAL Weight Training Combo, Warrior Workout Vol 2, Tactical Fitness for the Athlete Over 40, Special Ops Prep - Seasonal Periodization Trilogy, and Spring, Summer, Fall Winter Combo.

Programs that are Spring / Summer Calisthenics / Cardio Based 

Calisthenics and Cardio Workout, Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness,  Stew Smith's Spring Summer Cycle

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Get Weekly Unpublished Workouts Tested and Evaluated by local
Stew Smith Training programs. 

Stew Smith Fitness Membership – You have access to years of workouts for both beginner / intermediate and advanced / special ops levels of fitness. Each week you will receive new and unpublished workouts being tested by Navy SEAL veteran / Stew Smith CSCS and his local group of future tactical professionals in both basic training and advanced spec ops training programming. The latest videos, articles, and other programming will be part of the weekly data feed to members as well. We go through the Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization program one week at a time.

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