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Airborne Training

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This week I received an email that brought back a few old memories of Army Airborne training in Fort Benning , GA. This young soldier wishes to become an Army Ranger and wants to know what he needs to do to prepare each step of the way.

If anyone is preparing to become a member of any Special Operations Group (Army SF, Rangers, Navy SEALs, Marine RECON, Air Force PJs, EOD units, and others) they all must graduate from the Army Basic Airborne Course (BAC) in Fort Benning. Not only is it a prerequisite for Special Ops, but it has become a mandatory school to further your Army career as well. So let the BAC be a starting point to making your future in the Army bright, exciting, and fulfilling.

To prepare for BAC, you need to pass the Army PFT with a score of 180 and be able to hold a flexed arm hang for 10 seconds*. At age bracket 17-21 that is only a score of:

These scores are below average for the caliber of student who easily graduates Airborne without any trouble on the daily runs and PT. I would recommend getting closer to the 80 – 100% on the APFT so you can enjoy the training and better concentrate on the mission at hand – jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. The 80-100 range is:

If your goals are to one day become an Army Ranger or soldier in the Special Forces, you definitely want to be able to ace the Army PFT with a 300 or better. The following training for any SF school will require much more out of you that Airborne, but Airborne is a great first step to “jump” starting your career.

Many of my favorite PT programs to train for the Army PFT can be found in the following links:

Pullups / Flexed Arm Hang

Pushups and Situps

Running Faster / Run Proper

Free 6 week running plan

Now, let’s meet those physical standards and surpass the 180 minimum score and aim higher. While you are taking the time to exercise to prepare for the training, pick up the training a notch and really get yourself in top shape. Non-combatants and combatants of the Army alike, now more than ever need to raise the bar and be able to perform at higher standards. Be ready and train hard in all areas – we are in a war! Good luck to all soldiers and future soldiers alike. Thanks for your service.

The Fitness eBook Store can help you prepare for the next phase of your training. Email fitness author and former Navy SEAL Stew Smith your questions and he will answer and may use them as part of this column. There is a new Airborne Workout in the store now and an Air Assault School Workout in the works. Click the link to go straight to the Airborne Workout: The Army Airborne Workout

For more on the administrative, physical, and medical requirements check out:


Basic Military Fitness eBooks

All Forces Basic / Boot Camp Workout - This is a program that will help all Armed Forces candidates ace the PFT and Bootcamp for that service.  Great for Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps.   $15.95  
Ace the Army PFT Workout  -  Pushups, sit-ups, and the 2 mile run -  Piece of Cake!  This program will help you get the one of the highest scores in your age group.  Preparing for Basic, ROTC, OCS, West Point or just need to ace the PFT, this is the EBOOK for you.  Great if you are attending West Point too!  $14.97 
The Army Airborne Workout  - Join the many Army personnel who wear the Army Jump Wings!  This program will help you ace the preliminary standards to enter the training and build your stamina to handle the PT and runs for the three week Army Course called BAC  Basic Airborne Course!  $14.97  
The Army Air Assault Workout -  This program is probably the toughest twelve day course in the Army - complete with strenuous PT runs, and rucks as well as stressful air assault duties. This program will help you better ace the physical so you can concentrate on the tasks at hand.  $14.97 
Ace the Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, PFT:  The PFT Bible: Pushups, Situps, 1.5 Mile Run - The most common PFT done by over 50% of law enforcement, the US Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Ace the Pushups, Situps, Sit and reach and 1.5 mile timed run for any profession.  $16.95 

The USMC IST and PFT Workout - This is a TEN week training program that takes you through a five week plan for the IST and then you are ready for the final five weeks to prepare for the USMC PFT. There are other exercises and workouts that will help prepare you for the actual training days at Parris Island Boot Camp as well as these fitness tests.  $15.95 

USMC OCS / TBS Workout - The USMC is quite possibly the toughest standards of all the regular military forces with the pull-ups, situps, and 3 mile run physical testing standards. This program will help you ace it!! Ideal for TBS and OCS candidates!  Great for preparing for USMC ROTC, PLC, OCS and other college summer training programs.  $15.95  

The Service Academy CFA / PFT Workout Get the CFA Video for FREE with this purchase.  If you are looking at applying to the Service Academies - make sure you can ace the CFA - Candidate Fitness Assessment which consists of:   Kneeling Basketball Throw,  Pushups, Situps, Pullups, Shuttle Run, 1 mile timed run.  The better you score, the more competitive you are to enter into the program.  West Point, US Naval Academy and Air Force Academy all use this as the "entrance exam" for the physical test.

See complete list:  Store Catalog of Products  (Books, eBooks, Special Ops, Police, Fire Fighter Fitness)

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