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What is a Ruck? Forced March? Hump?

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For many, the term "ruck" is a new word.  Defining RUCK is difficult to someone who has never moved out with 50+ lbs in a backpack for many, many miles.  The definition can be as simple as walking around with a backpack on a hike or as difficult as moving fast with all your military gear, loaded for bear, over rugged terrain, infiltrating to your objective.  But the terms, ruck, hump, or forced march, all really mean getting your gear from A to B in a backpack.  Here is a question, that prompted this discussion:Stew, I am adding backpacking to...

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Airborne Training

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This week I received an email that brought back a few old memories of Army Airborne training in Fort Benning , GA. This young soldier wishes to become an Army Ranger and wants to know what he needs to do to prepare each step of the way.If anyone is preparing to become a member of any Special Operations Group (Army SF, Rangers, Navy SEALs, Marine RECON, Air Force PJs, EOD units, and others) they all must graduate from the Army Basic Airborne Course (BAC) in Fort Benning. Not only is it a prerequisite for Special Ops, but it has become...

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