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Premium Online Coaching with Stew Smith CSCS

Stew smith

Personalized Online Fitness Coaching from
Stew Smith CSCS
I have been doing personalized online coaching over 20 years!

In case you're not aware of it, Premium Online Coaching with Stew Smith CSCS is personalized online fitness coaching that helps you to have a fitness training plan in place each week. The personalized plan will fit into your week that adheres to your number of days per week, time per day to train, your equipment available, facilities to use, and of course your current fitness level and future goals.

Premium Online Coaching sold at is a program solely operated by me - Stew Smith.  I am a former Navy SEAL and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and tactical fitness writer / author with 14 published books, 40 self-published books, and over 1,000 fitness articles published in the past 20 years. Recently, I also just produced my 200th podcast See the Tactical Fitness Report and the To, Through, and After Podcasts.  Not only have I created personalized programming for clients, but with this particular service adds extra help with regular check ins, presentations, face to face chats, phone calls, and texts when needed. If you need a training partner I can be there to help you get started and keep moving.

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Over the years, I have trained thousands through this program. The best thing about this program is that you and I create the training week, ONE WEEK AT A TIME. Your feedback from the previous week will help create the next week and when life throws a curve ball at your schedule, I am accessible to work around change in plans and help you with options to keep moving when maybe you would have normally just skipped a training day.

The Big Payoff: 

I am here to help you with motivation, discipline, and accountability. I am that missing piece of assistance some people need to get moving. When people fail with their training programs, it is usually due to loss of motivation, underdeveloped discipline and good habits, and finally having someone to be accountable to. Building a mind that will push you to train even when you do not feel like it takes time. I am here to be that workout buddy and available when you need me.

What makes Premium Online Coaching with Stew Smith CSCS special as opposed to other online fitness coaching is at the end of the workout day or week (your choice), your feedback is required to help me create the next week's programming.  Understanding your next week's schedule to train and what you are capable of fitting into your day requires you and me to be communicating regularly. This program will not work without that communication so I will never leave you on your own.

Something incredible about this personalized online fitness coaching that you might not see at first is you do not lose a week if you want to repeat a particular week. Whether you missed most of the days due to illness or unexpected life circumstances, you will not miss that training week. Even though this is a 12 week plan, it is not a 12 week plan in time. We will repeat previous weeks if needed and we will not be done until you have 12 weeks of workouts in your hand. This may take 12 or 18 weeks - just depends on the issues. Some people like to do each week twice and turn a 12 week program into a 24 week program. It is YOUR plan - I just create it with your information and requests each week.

This is NOT for Special Ops Candidates

On a side note, this personalized online fitness coaching  is not for Special Ops Candidates - you better not need external motivation for what you are trying to accomplish!  Your training requires self-discipline to a high level your WILL will be tested many times when it is just you and your thoughts alone in moments of discomfort. It is not my job to motivate you to serve in special ops programs!

Spec ops candidates often find programs to help them after Assessing Their Weaknesses / Strengths  and then find program options that fit their abilities by finding What Program is Right For Me?  Some do the Online PT CLUB and some do the Stew Smith Fitness Membership program where they gain access to hundreds of weeks of archived workouts such as full years of the Seasonal Tactical Fitness Program as well as TAP Test Prep and PST Programs. 

It Is For...

This program has been a life saving program for people who just cannot stay with a training program or build good habits of fitness. I am here to help you do just that. Whether that is a beginner fitness level or an intermediate level of fitness that just cannot push hard enough to build an advanced level fitness.  All types have used this program to lose 80+ lbs and to get into the type of shape they were 20 years ago. It is for people who need a life change. 

The thing I like most about online fitness coaching is seeing results through helping people work hard, build good habits that will change lives, and see other areas in their lives also change for the better. People have become more productive at work, enjoy an active lifestyle with friends and family, and built a more resilient mind and body that creates a better journey through the rest of your life.

I have personally been writing these types of workouts for over 20 years and find it a fun challenge both mentally and creatively as every person is different.  Dealing with different equipment, facilities, goals, and fitness levels, time per days, days per week, and aches and pains all have to be considered when making these workouts. I enjoy that challenge but also enjoy seeing the results of people's hard work more than anything. To be honest, I have much more fulfillment as a coach to help someone get healthy and lose 50-100 lbs than I do helping a special ops candidate go from running a 7 minute mile to a 6 minute mile. That is fun too, but to change someone's life the way 50-100lbs weight loss and increased fitness levels does is simply humbling.

The cost of the program is $799 normally, but you can save $100 if you buy before October 1.  

I do have another program that is similar to the Premium Coaching Program and that is the Online PT CLUB.  Both work similarly, but the Premium program folks get much more of my time and daily focus if needed. The same quality of work goes into both workout programs, but the level of my time is greater for what I would consider special cases that need a little more than just a weekly check in. 

We have had clients move from the Premium Program to the PT CLUB as they discovered they did not need to extra motivation and daily check ins after a few months and we added more weeks to the training to make up for the difference in costs of the two programs.

Also, some clients have been return customers for 5-10 years. I have even made a few personalized ebooks for those return customers who created a database of 50-100 weeks of workouts that fit their needs perfectly..

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