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Swimming Streamline - #1 Most Important Skill for Swim Speed

Stew smith

Streamline Glide Position, Stroke Technique, Conditioning (1,2,3)

 Streamline glide, tight arm recovery, power kick and pull = speed

I train many athletes who have spent a lifetime on land as they prepare for military and special ops professions that require swimming, diving and other pool skills. It’s important for them to learn the sequence and timing of each stroke.

Getting in swimming shape is really important, but learning how to properly streamline your body in the water is critical to making progress as you build speed and overall efficiency.

If I had to categorize the three most important abilities in the water it would be streamline position, technique of the stroke, and swim conditioning that will lead to a candidates success with military spec ops swimming.  Of course water confidence is just as important as all three of the above.

However, a good streamline is simply the best body position during the stroke that will produce the least drag. Since water is hundreds of times more dense than air, the position your body holds in the water will make or break your ability to meet any military swimming program’s standards.

(see full article featured on

 It is NOT all CSS Swimming, you need treading, floating, and
water confidence skills as well. 

Shoulder, hips, and ankle mobility seem to be the biggest culprits to performing a solid streamline position.  Most of these are heavy lifting athletes that need to work on mobility and flexibility more often as part of their daily training regimen.  You should also do a full training session focusing of the following cardio, flexibility, and swimming events:

Mobility / Swim / Tread / Drown-proof Day

Here is how our "easy day" goes that will help you with these streamline positions in the water:

Repeat 5 times
5 min non-impact cardio (moderate pace)
5 min Stretching shoulders, back, chest, arms, legs, hips, ankles / feet. 
(focus on your weaknesses each time  / body sections each round)

Swim 10 minute Warmup - Easy swim - loosen up. 
Tread 10 minutes (with hands only and without hands) - this will work both hips and shoulders when practicing various movements to stay on the surface.
Dynamic Stretches 10 minutes in chest deep water - Everything you can think of while standing in the shallow end. (Ideas)

Drownproofing workout - see link - This is an important skill for spec ops candidates, but it is also a great way to work hip mobility. On Mobility Days, we will do this workout that mixes in some conditioning swims alongside challenging events of the drownproofing tests:

Swim and Drownproofing Events Workout
(tied hands / feet are simulated)

It's best if this is done in a 9-ft. deep pool with simulated tied hands for DP events in bold italics.

Swim 100 meters freestyle of side stroke

Bottom bounce 2 minutes

Swim 100 meters freestyle of side stroke

Float 2 minutes

Swim 100 meters freestyle of side stroke

Travel 100 meters (only using dolphin kick)

Swim 100 meters freestyle of side stroke

Front flip. Start flip off bottom of the pool and repeat 2-3 times in 2 minutes.

Swim 100 meters freestyle of side stroke

Back flip. Start flip off bottom of the pool and repeat 2-3 times in 2 minutes.

Swim 100m freestyle of side stroke

Mask Retrieval (pick up mask with teeth from bottom of the pool)

These are all of the events of the Navy SEAL Drownproofing test, but let's add in a few more events.

Swim 100 meters freestyle of side stroke

Tread holding 5-10 lbs. weight (mix of no hands snd one hand) for 2 minutes

Swim 100m freestyle of side stroke

Simulate buddy breathe with snorkel while treading on the surface (AF PJ test) for 2 minutes.

Swim 100 meters freestyle of side stroke

- Never swim alone.

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