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Navy SEAL Inventions

stew smith

We all need some help finding gifts for those who like to workout in an above average fashion! Here are a few options and places to shop if in search for a fitness gift or New Year's resolution starter kit!

The TRX - Fitness in a Bag! Former SEAL Randy Hetrick has created a device that is easy to carry and so versatile I still cannot name all the exercises you can do with this thing. My latest count is over 200 exercises. In an article, I compared his TRX to a Universal Weight Machine and for a 1/10 of the price it easily outperforms the machine tenfold! Check out any video and you will see an arsenal of homemade videos from people performing their own challenging workouts with the TRX. The TRX is great for travelers as the straps are easy to pack and unfold in seconds.

On a personal note, I have never performed ab exercises and been winded until I tried suspended plank poses and pike pushups variations. I use this product near daily.

The Fit Deck - Former SEAL Phil Black is probably the most brilliant of the bunch - to take an idea and turn it into a successful business. When on a deployment or just bored, the SEALs as well as other military groups, do a workout with a deck of cards. Usually it required some imagination: face cards = 10 pushups, aces = 25 pushups / 25 abs, jokers = 50 reps of anything...BUT what Fit Deck does for you is take out the mystery and when you shuffle the deck and start to flip the cards you get told what you need to do. Now he has TRX, Pull-up Decks, Kettlebell Decks, Navy SEAL Decks, Combat Sports Decks and so many more - even some for kids. When bored with your workout, throw out a deck of cards and create some excitement.

Also - the site has grown into a huge store for the person seeking fitness, gear, accessories that are military and law enforcement related. Former Navy SEAL Mark Devine's creation has evolved into a premiere online presence in the military news and information business. When people ask me where can they get boots, dive gear, books, and other cool Navy SEAL stuff, I say: (click here) At the store you can find anything quickly for the future, present or past military person.

Former Navy SEAL creates recovery / fuel supplements for hardcore athletes / tactical athletes: Former Navy SEAL and BUD/S instructor Mike Ryan creates military grade high performance supplements for the people who like to train tough. His brand is Intensity Nutrition, see his site at or click banner.

Military Grade Supplements- Intensity Nutrition

Former Navy SEAL Jeremy De Bie created a multi-vitamin / multi-mineral formulated for men and the high demands they placed on their bodies, SEAL MULTI™! This hardcore supplement is like the men it was created for, a high quality that gets the job done. This product was created to give De Bie’s teammates every advantage possible while training at home, or deployed abroad. Ideal for hardcore training!

Seal Multi Men's Multi-Vitamin Multi-Mineral
Any of these make great gifts for your fitness guru in the family or those seeking a profession that requires some form of fitness test. I only like to write about products I personally use and traditionally have been a pullup bar and some floor space type of guy, but these products definitely add to the workout variety.

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