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Five Benefits Using Calisthenics to Exercise Every Person Who Lost Their Gym Needs To Know

Stew smith

Five Benefits Using Calisthenics to Exercise
Every Person Who Lost Their Gym Needs To Know 

After all the debate is over, if you want to get results with using primarily calisthenics to exercise then you need to realize these benefits. You will be surprised how calisthenics and cardio will help you get results a whole lot faster than you previously thought. Ever want to do your first pullup? How about 20 pullups? Calisthenics and Cardio will get you on your way. If you want simple, effective, and versatile exercises using classic workouts like pyramids, super sets, and others, check out the Calisthenics and Cardio program designed by Stew Smith CSCS. 


  • Benefit #1: You do not need to know dozens of exercises to get an effective calisthenics workout.

You can get advanced level workouts with three basic exercises: The Pullup, Pushup, and the Squat.  These three timeless exercises work all the major muscle groups in the body and produce amazing results. That is why the Memorial Day Murph is so popular with intermediate and advance exercises all over the country.  But you can also get beginner level workouts created with the same exercises using easier (scaled down) versions.  There are a few dozen options of calisthenics in the program with easy to read descriptions, pictures and a link to videos of the movements (in the ebook).  You can also work the entire core system from your shoulders to your hips (front / back / and sides) to develop a solid foundation for any movements you may do in more advanced workouts or just in life.

  • Benefit #2: You can build muscle with calisthenics (and lose weight)

Yes, calisthenics are resistance training exercises that do build muscle. Think of the first pullup you ever do as a strength exercise you have to build up to. Then the tenth or twentieth pullup has now evolved into a strength – endurance exercise (aka muscle stamina). This is the evolution you will go through if you do a cycle of calisthenics and cardio with little to no equipment. You can build muscle, get into better cardio conditioning and while you are doing it, you burn extra calories and lose weight if you avoid overeating. Now, you can also gain weight, if you want to build muscle and get bigger – you need to eat bigger to get bigger, but the resistance training will be what makes the new muscle and the cardio will help burn the fat as well.

  • Benefit #3: Calisthenics need no equipment that you don't already have

This means you can get started immediately and if you have a few items, you can add new dimensions to your training.  By adding a few dumbbells, you can replace or supplement some of the exercises to make them either easier or more difficult – depends on your equipment and abilities. A place to do pullups is an easy find as you can find a playground with monkey bars, buy a power tower (pullup / dip bars), or build your own pullup bars using ideas on DIY Youtube pages. It is not a bad idea to invest some of the money you save into your own Home Gym by not paying a gym membership.

  • Benefit #4: Mix in cardio activity with short bursts of calisthenics and you have a great high calorie burning workout that rivals any HIIT weightlifting program.

Mix in biking, walking, or running for various speeds and distances in between sets of calisthenics to make a high calorie burning full body workout like this:

Repeat 4-5 times
Run or bike 3 minutes fast
Pullups max
Pushups 10-20 or Dips
Abs of choice 20
Squats 10-20
Step ups 5-10 steps / leg

This helps you when you do not have a lot of time to train and need to get it done in 20-30 minutes. These types of workouts are highly effective to burning calories quickly but also providing a full body workout that will pump you up like weight training will. Seriously! 

  • Benefit #5: You will notice how Calisthenics and Cardio can build your endurance and overall work capacity to go longer in anything you want to do.

This is a huge benefit because you will start to notice that you do not get winded walking up stairs anymore and you do more yard work than ever before because you are now in strength-endurance shape. We call this work capacity in the tactical fitness world and it matters when the days are long and the work is very physically demanding.  Sometimes life will require this out of you – are you ready for it? 

Now you're probably asking, "When do I take action on this?" My advice is: 

To make today DAY 1 not one day! 

You can start here with one of my favorite workouts – the PT Pyramid! Make your PT Pyramid Story today!  Do what you can and use the pyramid as an assessment tool as you will see improvement each week and one day do the entire 1-10-1 PT Pyramid. 

Conclusion and Where to Find More Home Gym Workouts?

This is just a few of the many benefits people without gym access gain when it comes to using calisthenics and seeing performance improvements. Why risk stop training because you don’t have a gym when you can avoid wasted effort and money? Take the time to educate yourself on the proper methods to adding calisthenics into your training program. In the future, when you start lifting again, you can always add it to your training again whenever you feel like you need a cycle of lighter weights and more cardio. We do this every Spring / Summer using my Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization System. 

By the way, if you're a person who lost their gym or just want to avoid it altogether, check out this in BOOK or EBOOK format. 

If you want the EBOOK - see link: Calisthenics and Cardio Workout EBOOK

If you prefer the BOOK version - see link - Calisthenics and Cardio Workouts BOOK

The Calisthenics and Cardio Workout is a timeless workout with a 19 week program designed for ALL levels of fitness with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Programs all in one.

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