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2019-2020 - Here is What We Did...Four New Books!

Stew smith

New Programs and Books from 2019- 2020


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Calisthenics and Cardio - Don't want to join a gym?  No problem! Need to get better at muscle stamina and endurance?  This is the plan for you!  Whether you are just starting out with exercising or wanting to add in a 6-14 week cycle of intermediate / advanced PST workouts, this program has the answers for both ends of the fitness spectrum. 


Well, you do need a pullup bar and a place to run, bike or swim, but all cardio options are available and if there are calisthenics you cannot do, you can replace with an easier dumbbell, TRX, or sandbag / rubber band or weighted option.


101 Best Pyramid Training Workouts - NOW IN STOCK! Here's a new published book with workouts that will help you crush any fitness test using the Pyramid Training System.  This book is for every one who wants to be a PT animal! Build muscle stamina / endurance while maintaining strength and increase work capacity and durability for any tactical profession and fitness test. Learn how to train effectively and stop wasting time on training plateaus.  You can do all of this without having to join a gym as most of these workouts are calisthenics based with some common additional equipment like dumbbells, sandbags, and weight vests. Any weights can be easily replaced with this items.

Stew Smith's Spring / Summer Pt / Cardio Cycle for the Tactical Athlete - This book holds the secret to building muscle stamina and cardio endurance (run / ruck / swim and others) in the upper body, legs, heart and lungs. The program emphasizes cardiovascular activity and high repetition resistance training to crush military / police / spec ops fitness tests. The supplemental weight training workouts will be quick and fast, focusing more to engage muscle groups that balance the high repetition calisthenics.

Stew Smith's Fall & Winter Lift Cycle for the Tactical AthleteAre you great at running and swimming but need to put on some weight, add strength and power?  Are you worried about getting crushed under rucks, logs, boats, or lifting and carrying heavy equipment during the training cycle of your tactical profession?  Or do you just want to change things up a bit and add some strength training to your calisthenics and cardio training plan?  Regardless of the reason and your profession, working on elements of fitness that you consider a weakness (or may not like doing) is essential to you becoming a well rounded and athletic / capable person.   

But Wait We Did More!

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