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Monster Mash for Cash

stew smith

Saturday, Nov 3rd! - From 12-5pm: Mark the date on your calendar. The Heroes of Tomorrow will be conducting the Monster Mash for Cash in the Severna Park Community Center Pool and B/A Trail. Mission Complete - Event took 4:30 to complete and more than 50 future / current / past Spec Ops Candidates and others enjoyed a marathon of swimming, running, and calisthenics! Winter Monster Mash 2013 - Date TBD

What is a Monster Mash? For years tough military training contests have been referred to as Monster Mashes. Not sure why - we just call them that? Usually Monster Mashes involved several teams competing in boat races, road marches, swims, PT exercises, and other team building events. The first Saturday in November, the Heroes of Tomorrow trainers and students and any guests will be completing a grueling several hour event that consists of the following:

The Monster Mash Events
1 - 5 mile run
2 - 5000m swim (with / without fins)
3 - 1000 pushups
4 - 1000 situps / abs of choice
5 - 250 pullups
6 - 250 dips

*all individual participants goals - not team goals

We will start the run / pt event at noon meeting in the Severna Parking Community Center Parking Lot. We will cross the street to the Baltimore / Annapolis Running Trail and do a 5 mile run mixed with stops every mile at the pullups bars to get a quick set of pullups, pushups, and situps. We plan of knocking off at least half of our reps during the hour of run / pt. After we complete the run / pt - we will take to the pool deck inside the center where we will continue the pullups, pushups, situps and start doing dips and swimming laps for the next 3-4 hours or however long it takes!

Heroes of Tomorrow Training

See our other training videos on the YouTube Channel

All proceeds go to the Severna Park Community Center Pool to buy new boilers to heat the pool / showers during the winter as well as other maintenance issues. It costs $20 to participate in the event but we are also trying to find sponsors / donors who would like to contribute through a participant. We are doing this to help out the pool / community center that allows the Heroes of Tomorrow to train year round at no cost. We have produced hundreds of Special Operators, police officers, federal agents, and fire fighters through the years. Please help out the cause or come join us as we crush this little event!

Mission SUCCESS! More than $2500 raised for our local swimming pool.

Come out and see what the Heroes of Tomorrow is all about.

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