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15 Day PFT Prep

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This 15 day plan was written for a military member who had two weeks to pass his fitness test of 1.5 mile run, pushups, and situps. It is not designed for those members who have not exercised in months, but for those who just need an extra push to surpass the minimums. You could also use this routine to help you hit the maximum standards if you are hitting a plateau in your testing for the Most Common PFT. Knowing that this test is the most common fitness test in the military and law enforcement, I thought I would post the routine online as it is a combination of three routines:

The Pushup Push Workout - Add 50-100% to your Pushups in two weeks. You will be doing pushups for the first 11 days of this workout, then rest for 3 days of no pushups and test on day 15 of this routine. If your test requires pullups, you can do the same for that exercise - see Pullup Push

The Need for Speed Workout - Ace the 300m and 1.5 mile runs for FBI Academy, but this plan below is geared for any timed run no matter how short or long it is.

Proper Situps Technique - Learn your pace when it comes to situps. Find a goal and pace yourself to the goal. If your test is a 1 minute test, then you should strive for a pace of nearly 1 situp per second so you score in the high 40-50s for your situp test. If your test is a 2 minute test, pace is more important and you may need to slow it down to 20 situps per 30 seconds to score in the high 70 / low 80's.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

Repeat 3-4 times

Pushups max reps 1 min

Situps - 15-20 reps in 30 seconds
1 mile run warmup

Repeat 2-4 times
400m run at goal pace
squats – 20
lunges – 10/leg
situps - 20 in 30



Run 400m – rest 5:00 / stretch

Run 1.5 mile run timed

Do 100 pushups and
100 situps total throughout the day






Repeat 3 times
Max pushups
Pace Situps 15-20 in 30 seconds

Repeat 2 times
1.5  mile at close to goal pace
– rest 10 minutes in between






Warm-up jog 10:00
Repeat 5 times
400m run at goal pace
squats – 20
Lunges – 10/leg

Do 100 pushups and
100 situps total
throughout the day







Repeat 4 times
Max Pushups
Pace Situps 15-20 in 30 seconds

Warmup Jog 5:00
¼ mile at goal pace
½ mile at goal pace
¾ mile at goal pace
1 mile at goal pace
stretch / rest 2 min in between each set...





Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10
  1. 5 mile run warmup

 Repeat 3-5 times 400m run squats – 20 lunges – 10/leg

Do 100 pushups and 100 situps total throughout the day







100-150 pushups and situps in as few sets
as possible - no rest

Repeat 4 times
Run 400m run @ full speed
–  rest 2 minutes

Run 1.5-2 mile run timed





3 miles at close to
goal pace as possible

Do 100 pushups and
100 situps total throughout the day








Repeat 2-4 times
bike or run - 2 minutes fast
squats - 20
lunges 10/leg
pushups - max reps
situps - 40-50 in 1 minute

Bike Pyramid:  Manual mode
level 2,4,6,…hold each level for 1 minute until failure –
repeat in reverse order – should be 15-20 minutes long


Warmup Jog 5:00
¼ mile at goal pace
½ mile at goal pace
¾ mile at goal pace
1 mile at goal pace
1.5 mile run

Do 100 pushups and 100 situps total throughout the day





Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15

Pushup test 1 or 2 minutes 

Situp test 1 or 2 minutes

Bike Pyramid:
Manual mode level 2,4,6,..
hold each level for 1 minute until failure –
repeat in reverse
order – should be 15-20 min long

Repeat 2 times
800m run at goal pace - rest 2 min

Run 1.5 mile run timed

no pushups / situps





Swim or elliptical glide or both 20:00 of either or both

no pushups / situps








Warm-up jog 5:00

stretch well - sleep well - get ready to test with a day of rest...

no pushups / situps







Sample Test Day

Test your fitness test today at the time you need to take it for real later this month...








Here is an explanation of the chart below:

1 - Supplemental Plan - You can use this plan below in addition to your current workout if you wish, but it is a pretty challenging plan. I would not do this option unless you are pretty fit now and seeking to improve your PFT scores to near maxing the test.

2 - Stand-alone Plan - If you are an intermediate / beginner level (not complete beginner) I would recommend to just follow the plan for the next two weeks. This will challenge your pushups and situps and push you in the running category as well. If you are not used to running 1-2 miles then I would not attempt this program as this is NOT a program for beginners.

Goal Pace Runs - Learning to pace your runs will help you score better on 1.5, 2, and 3 mile timed run tests. Typically, I like to teach at a 400m track so students will learn the distance and muscle memory the time to do that distance. For instance, if you want to score a 12 minute 2 mile run - that means you need a 6 minute mile, 3 minute 1/2 mile, and a 90 second 1/4 mile *(400m) run. This will help you understand not to start out too fast on your timed run and a teach you a strategy to PACE the run. Just divide your timed run distance / goal into 1/4 mile distances and strive to learn the pace at 1/4 mile, then 1/2 mile and so on... also read - Drop Mile Pace

400m runs - You can also replace this distance with a 300m run distance especially if you are seeking to ace the 300m sprint used by many law enforcement departments around the United States as well as the FBI Academy. BUT instead of running at goal 1.5 mile pace you should run it at goal 300m sprint pace.

Lower Back Plan - Great for Strength / Flexibility - Add this into the daily routine at the end of the day.

Try this routine if you wish. It does work and let me know how you do after the 15 Day PFT Challenge. This is not something I would repeat several times in a row but only once in a while (every 6 months). Your pushups / situps muscles need rest like all other muscle groups. Typically, I recommend resting 48 hours after hard pushups / ab workouts before challenging that muscle group again. Please feel free to email if you have any questions at


This 15 day Plan Works!

So last PRT I had less than 90 Pushup's and Situps and a run in the mid 12's...This morning I hit 104 pushups 94 situps and low 11's on the run. I have a lot of room to go, but I haven't worked out at all, I only did your 15 day program. 


I'm starting day 1 of the 12 week program tonight. We'll see how it goes! 


Just wanted to let you know that I used your program and it was great. Before I started your program I could only run for 10 minutes on a treadmill at 4.5-5mph. Now I can run a 1.5 mile distance in 12 minutes and run 3.5 miles straight without stopping. I did the program twice in 30 days and it has taken me to a whole different level. What I did was after the first 15 days were over I just started the program all over again from day one and ended on day 30. I just wanted to let you know that this program really works and can used for more than just getting ready for a law enforcement or military PFT.


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  • McKay Wilkerson on

    So what is the 15 day plan? I cant see any information about the plan on this page. After the explanation of the proper situp technique at the to, the rest of the page is blank all the way until it says " Here is an explanation of the charts below".
    Am I missing something or is there a link somewhere?
    Please help because I have a test on March 8th 2018.

    Thank you!

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