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Stew Smith's Online PT Club - Twelve Weeks of Personalized Training

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The Online PT Club at has been training people to achieve their goals since the year 1998.  This program has grown to become the premiere training program at which has enabled Stew to develop many of the downloadable eBooks from the hundreds of people he has trained over the years. The Online PT Club allows Stew to consult with you personally on at least a weekly basis by phone and email for twelve weeks or until you complete the twelve week program .  Receiving feedback from you on your workouts sent weekly by Stew, gives Stew the ability to improve the following week's program to fit your schedule and your fitness level.

Stew Smith will develop a personalized program to help you reach your goals! Stew will personally be involved with all members to help motivate, consult and design specific workouts for a twelve week period. No matter who you are or what your goals are - Stew can help. If you are wanting a career in the Special Forces or want challenging workouts for your own reasons, try out the 12 week program. Many of Stew's clients are beginners and just need a little kick start to get moving and someone to hold them accountable each week.   Stay motivated over the Holidays when typically people gain 10-20 lbs the end of the year!!! We start new groups every week - So send in your info or call today!

For the cost of $299, you will receive the following services:

1) Weekly workout programs.
2) Questions answered daily.
3) Nutritional advice and eating plans.
4) Phone calls with Stew for motivation and answers - call anytime.
5) Stew's review of your videos for swimming / RUNNING techniques.
6) Call Stew anytime - 410-271-0837
7) Personal Training session if ever in Maryland or if Stew is in your hometown.

I need to know the following information before we get started: (Please add into email)

1) Your questionnaire from
2) Your current fitness scores / goals
3) The PFT exercises and guidelines you wish to ace
4) How much time you have to exercise daily
5) What equipment do you have to use (pool, track, bike, gym, pullup bars, rope, etc...)
6) Current Height / Weight

Send the above information along with your questionnaire via email to

You will have access to Stew Smith's business cell phone upon ordering.   ORDER NOW- ON SALE - 12 Weeks $299 ORDER NOW!- 12 weeks $199 (return customers ONLY)

We will talk on the phone before we begin and whenever you need me. Before Starting Please Send this questionnaire:

(Paypal accepted too)

 Meet Stew

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