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Special Ops Books and eBooks

Special Ops Books
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The Navy SEAL Weight Training WorkoutAdd weights and rucking to your Navy SEAL or Special Operations training preparation. This is the second phase of the Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness book that only incorporates calisthenics, running, and swimming to help prepare for the tested elements before and during training.  Regardless on your athletic history, this workout will help prepare you for the strength demands of boats carries, log PT, and rucking done at BUD/S.   $17.97 Plus FREE CSS Video.

The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL FitnessStew Smith wrote "Twelve Weeks to BUD/S" almost ten years ago. This book creates a foundation of fitness to help you ace the BUD/S PST as well as the high miles of running, swimming, and high repetitions of the PT through the day.  Quite simply, this book works! Now you can get the third revision with new information on getting to and through SEAL training.  $19.95  (Book and DVD combo plus free CSS Video)

Maximum Fitness - Navy SEAL Cross Training - Maximum Fitness features a 52 week program with progression focal points each quarter to create a well-rounded tactical athlete or special operations candidate. This program focuses on fitness peaks and valleys through the year and periodizes hardcore fitness into four cycles:  1 - Calisthenics and a base of cardio workouts, 2 - Hardcore Cardio and High Rep Calisthenics, 3 - Hardcore Calisthenics mixed with weights / cardio, 4 - Heavy weight / strength cycle with light non-impact cardio options.  16.95 plus free CSS Video.

The Special Ops WorkoutThe Special Ops Workout is for those seeking military special operations professions OR those wanting to train like one of the United States elite soldiers.  MIke Mejia CSCS creates a functional Special Ops Workout to prepare the Average Joe for harder training.  And former Navy SEAL Stew Smith CSCS creates the Navy SEAL Workout, the Army Ranger / SF Workout, and the Air Force PJ Workout all in one great cross training book.  $16.95 plus FREE CSS Video

The SWAT Workout - This Law Enforcement Special Ops Book describes the rigorous physical training tactics employed by America's Special Weapons And Tactics teams. The book outlines two six-week programs of calisthenics, weights, and speed drills as well as a twelve-week program designed to keep physical performance at a top level, in a reference that is complemented by demonstrative photographs and nutrition tips.  $16.95


   Special Ops eBooks
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Navy SEAL Phase ONE:  Ace the Navy SEAL PST and increase your chances of graduating from BUDS with this four phase system.  Phase I:  Beginner Guide to the PST  -  IF you can only meet the minimum standards you want this nine week workout  - you do not want to go to BUDS yet. $15.95 
Navy SEAL Phase II & III:  Weeks 1-12 of the Original Guide to the PST - Need to get killer scores?  This workout will get you there.   This eBook is considered to be one step above the Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness published book and is a great preparation guide if you are above the minimum standards but not quite at recommended fitness standards.  $15.95  
Navy SEAL Phase IV:  The Grinder PT - This eBook mimcs the first four weeks at BUDS.  You will be required to workout throughout the day, adding in various punishment exercises (pushups, burpees, wet and sandy).  Simply put, Phase FOUR is the toughest workout you will ever do.  This is hardcore and not for beginners.  It is a true Gut Check with tips on mental toughness.$15.95  
Be a Naval Special Warfare Combatant Crewman - Navy SWCC Workout - Learn to drive fast boats with big guns and train with the SEALs in this fast paced Naval Special Warfare career booster.  This is a NINE-week plan to help you ace the training required to work with the SEALS. $15.97 
Combat Conditioning - Advanced Workout Quite possibly the toughest standards of all the regular military forces are combined into this total fitness package.  Ruck marches, swimming with fins, PT, weights, sprints and distance running combined create a cross-training workout plan designed to create super fit soldiers. $15.97 
The New UBRR Workout - The UpperBody Round Robin Fitness Test is a new challenging workout that many Special Ops Teams around the world are not only using as a tough physical event, but it has started to become a selection process testing event as well.  Run, rucking pullups, pushups, benchpress and many more max rep exercsies.  See details - UBRR Article  $16.97
The Army Special Forces / Ranger Workout - This Ten Week Plan will help you ace the toughest standards of the Army and the endless miles of ruck marching and running.  Be prepared for running and rucking at SFAS!  If you are not, your body will let you know.  The Ten Week plan is great for preparing for  for RIP and SFAS as well as the actual courses.  $16.97 

USMC RECON Workout Ace the Recon Indoc Program (RIP) and follow on training with this 12-Week Program.  The USMC RECON / Special Ops twelve program will help you with the rucks, runs, swims, and hardcore PTs at all stages of RECON Training.  Many have successfully used this workout mixed with the Navy SEAL Workouts to prepare for MARSOC.  $16.97  

Air Force PJ / CCT Workout  - The AFPJ/CCT Workout will help you ace the PAST to get into training but also help you ace the tough standards in the water, PT and running at the Air Forces Special Operations Training Center.  This workout also helps officer candidates seeking STO / CRO professions as well.  On test days simply add the distance required on your PAST as needed.  Prepare for the entire AF Spec OPS Training Pipeline with this top-notch workout plan.  Great for Pool drill competency too with cool drills and free CSS Swimming VIDEO download! $ 16.97  

The US Navy and Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer / SAR Swimmer Workout - This workout is a challenging aquatics skills program mixed with even more tough running and calisthenics to build the needed endurance when fighting high seas to save someone's life. Whether you are training for the Coast Guard HRSS or the Navy SAR training schools, this workout will help you prepare.  $15.97  

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