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1BOOK-so:  Air Force ParaRescue / Special Tactics / CCT PAST Workout
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1BOOK-so: Air Force ParaRescue / Special Tactics / CCT PAST Workout

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BOOK version:  Ace the Air Force PAST for Special Tactics and Combat Rescue occupations:  500m swim, 1.5 mile run, pushups, pullups, situps, underwater swims.  Also this plan helps you prepare yourself for the challenging pool confidence (pool con) events such as drown-proofing, life saving, buddy breathing, and more. 

AF PJ / CCT training is about as tough as it gets! You need several months of rigorous training prior to attending this school. AND tons of water exposure! Get comfortable in the water and fit enough to survive any training!

Train hard - so "Others May Live". This is an advanced program that will prepare you in running , PT and swimming, and pool drills. Ten weeks worth of workouts and packed with information and workouts and tips to help you prepare for a grueling training pipeline.


Testimonial from USAF PJ/ CCT Workout user:

I wanted to send you a thank you email for your PAST Test 10 week program. Finding your site was the best thing to happen to my preparation for this test. When i started training in January of this year I did not even know how to swim. I thought that i worked fairly hard for my pre-test which I took in March, however, when it was time to take the test I realized i had highly underestimated the test itself. While i still passed it I knew I had to get into much better shape before taking the real thing, and definitely before I left for PJ school. I searched the Internet one night and came to your site, I think I read everything on your site and everything in the PJ/CCT book you had written. I also started the next day on the 10 week workouts, I was instantly hooked and loved the feeling of a great workout each day. It was one of the toughest things I have done but when the test came I had no doubts about anything. I knew I could pass and was ready for training... Thanks

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