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noBOOK -101 Best Pyramid Training Workouts BOOK (READ DESCRIPTION)
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noBOOK -101 Best Pyramid Training Workouts BOOK (READ DESCRIPTION)

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101 of Stew Smith's Best Pyramid Workouts

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101 PT Pyramid Workouts <<<<<ORDER BOOK HERE


Here's a new published book with workouts that will help you crush any fitness test using the Pyramid Training System. 

This book is for every one who wants to be a PT animal!

Build muscle stamina / endurance while maintaining strength and increase work capacity and durability for any tactical profession and fitness test. Learn how to train effectively and stop wasting time on training plateaus.  You can do all of this without having to join a gym as most of these workouts are calisthenics based with some common additional equipment like dumbbells, sandbags, and weight vests. Any weights can be easily replaced with this items. 

The Struggle is Real...

  • Many people struggle to see quick results in PT Test scoring
  • Many do not understand how to train to increase muscle stamina
  • Most people don't realize the first pullup is a strength exercise, the 20th is an endurance exercise. 
  • Too many people skip the warmup and the cooldown of a workout - the Pyramid has both as well as a max out point.

    It is the Perfect Workout System! 

Here is What the New Book Covers...

  • Effective Solutions To Warmup - Pyramid Warmups
  • Effective Solutions To Max Out - How To Build Up and Properly Max Out (see improvements) Through Growth Producing Fatigue NOT Muscle Failure.
  • Effective Solutions To Cooldown - The 2nd Half Of The Workout - Completing The Challenge - Cooling Down Too
  • Calisthenics testing improvement workouts
  • Weightlifting, Biking, Running, Swimming, and all the elements of fitness:
  • Strength,power, speed,agility, muscle stamina, endurance, core and grip strength 

Effective Solutions To Warmup - Pyramid Warmups

  • Prior to doing running, lifting, or high repetition calisthenics workouts, the Pyramid Training System can get you ready for the challenges of your training and properly warmup up tight muscles and joints.
  • Build a strong base of fitness with these warmup ladders.
  • Eventually, workouts that you previous thought were hard will one day be your warmup!

Effective Solutions To Max Out - How To Properly Max Out

Fatigue Is NOT Muscle Failure

  • You will be asked to go up the pyramid until you cannot reach the desired repetitions for that set. This does not mean to go to complete muscle failure and breakdown - just until you fatigue AND FAIL proper form / pace.
  • Not being able to maintain the exercise movement pace is your first indicator that failure is near.
  • Losing your form / technique (ie kipping / poor posture) is another point to realize you are about to fail.
  • Once you hit the fatigue zone, try a negative rep and continue back down the pyramid - you have successfully hit muscle fatigue without completely exhausting yourself by completely failing. 

Effective Solutions To Cool Down - The 2nd Half Of The Workout - Completing The Challenge - Cooling Down Too

  • Having the muscle stamina to continue down the back side of the pyramid requires time to build properly. Rest more often if needed, but keep moving.
  • You will see your improvement not only as you go UP the pyramid, but notice the strength-endurance of being able to repeat in reverse order and accumulating a high volume of reps.
  • Finally, the few remaining sets will help you cooldown properly as you complete the final steps of the pyramid. Adding in stretches as needed is also helpful as you cooldown with the easier sets at the end of the pyramid. 

Here are the main points you to take away from this book release:

  • Pyramid Training Workouts includes progressive workouts designed to help you reach new levels of fitness and ability, including:
  • The #1 Classic PT Pyramid: The one that started it all — a perfect workout challenge!
  • TRX Pyramid: Make pyramid workouts part of your TRX routine!
  • Murph Sandbag Pyramid: Mix in a Murph with sandbags and simulate log PT with intense reps and extra weight!
  • The Hundreds Pyramid Workout (1-10-1): Strive to meet these high rep counts to increase your muscle stamina and overall work capacity.
  • Tactical Fitness Pyramid Workouts: Meet the standard of excellence held by the nation’s finest!
  • Specially designed Pyramid Workouts for specific fitness tests - included the latest tactical fitness tests used by our military and special ops programs. 

Here is What You Can Do NOW!  

Next, if you're a person who wants 101 new ideas to become a PT animal, do yourself a favor and get this book (available NOW! July 2020). 

With workouts perfect for any program and every athlete, Pyramid Training Workouts lets anyone incorporate high energy calisthenics, cardio intervals, and challenging resistance / weight-lifting into their existing routines. 

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