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BOOK-FF: Ace the CPAT - Fire Fighter Training Workout
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BOOK-FF: Ace the CPAT - Fire Fighter Training Workout

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Fire Fighter Conditioning Plans for Career Fire Fighters and Volunteer Fire Fighters must yield the same results – a Fit Fire Fighter who can handle the weight of his gear, the weight of an injured victim, and the hot working environment.  Being unfit should not be an option for any fire fighter with the risks of life on the line.
As a fitness writer who focuses on physical fitness test preparation, I have always been amazed that ONLY the fire department and a few SWAT teams and Military Special Forces have fitness tests that are job related.  Personally, the fire fighter test I am basing this fitness plan on is the CPAT (Candidate Physical Abilities Test) used by many fire departments such as New York City’s FDNY.  This is one of the best JOB – RELATED Physical Fitness Tests in my opinion.  The Field Strength Test used by FDNY also is a killer test done at least once a week at the Rock (FDNY Fire Fighting Academy).

Many issues have surfaced over the years on whether the CPAT test is a good indicator of how a person will fight fire or not and the Pass/Fail criteria and graded test issues are still to be resolved in most fire fighting circles.  However,  I have never found a better test out of the thirty plus military and law enforcements plans I have created over the past 10 years that accurately tests job related skills like the CPAT.

The Fire Fighting Conditioning Plan for this test is not designed to answer the debate on the usefulness of the CPAT among the fire fighting community, however, this plan is going to assist with developing the muscle strength, stamina and cardiovascular endurance required to perform this test as well as other important job requirements.


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