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EBOOKS - Military Fitness Testing / Training Related

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The collection of EBOOKS are military fitness related covering all the U.S. branches of service fitness testing as well as boot camp or basic training programs.

Do not think that boot camp is going to take you and get you in shape for the military. You should arrive in good military fitness condition able to run without pain, do push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and have a foundation of fitness that you can build upon.

If you arrive out of shape, unable to run or even swim in some cases, you will have to spend whatever FREE time you may have during training performing extra fitness training.  This is both tiring and stressful physically and emotionally.

Arrive in good enough condition that the workouts are a stress RELIEVER not a stress INCREASER.  Basic is tough enough.  No need to make it tougher by showing up ill-prepared for training.  Besides, one day your fitness will be the determining factor whether you will live or die, be able to save another member of your team, and makes it easier to learn your job of defending your country.

Check out the collection of military fitness testing below: