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01BOOK - Spring Training:  To and Through Selection - Increase Endurance / Maintain Strength
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01BOOK - Spring Training: To and Through Selection - Increase Endurance / Maintain Strength

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Increase PST / IFT Scores and Other Endurance Events WHILE
Maintaining Strength / Speed

 Getting TO and THROUGH Selection

Spring Training: 3:1 Block Periodization
3 Week Cals & Cardio Cycle: 1 Week Strength
(16 Weeks of Spring Training)

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"To and Through Selection" 

No doubt you have heard me use this phrase as I see most people who enter these challenges only prepare to get TO the training and never consider the most important training phase - preparing to get THROUGH the training. If you want to graduate these tough programs, you have to spend considerable time preparing your mind and body for the challenges and reducing your weaknesses / liabilities. 

This is not just a PST / IFT Prep workout, this also mixes in events of selection that challenge the toughest students.  Longer runs, longer swims with fins, longer rucks, and some lifts that you will see during your training pipeline at some point - see Tactical Fitness Tests (Human Performance Test / Operator Fitness Test).  These new test include lifts, sprints, agilities, and other power movements. Preparing with some of these tests in mind will help you not only with the tests in your future, but build a stronger  / more durable body to handle the loads of rucking, logs, boats, and fireman / personnel carries / drags. 

This cycle worked so well last Summer, we decided to do it again as we had stronger test scores, faster runs, and fewer injuries (much less) with this 3:1 Block Periodization model. 

Here is How the 3:1 Block Periodization
Cycle Works

The start of this Spring Training Calisthenics / Cardio Progression Cycle, I decided to try something new as the normal long-term Spring / Summer strength training cycle (24 weeks) can get stale with performance plateaus, running aches and pains if you are not careful and actively pursuing recovery. You must keep everything in near perfect balance to fully recover from cycles of higher miles progression and calisthenics volume increases (nutrition, sleep, smart split routines, balanced overload principle with recovery / mobility days). You have a choice with this block periodization model:

You can do a de-load week which is an easier recovery week that is quite common during higher intensity training cycles, or you can do a modified de-load week and replace the high repetition calisthenics and cardio cycles focusing on the PST / PAST elements (timed run and swim, pullup, pushups, sit-ups) with a modified strength maintenance week.  We did this last year during the Spring / Summer Cals & Cardio cycle with exceptional results both mentally and physically.

Who Needs This? 

If you are preparing for the Navy PST or the Air Force IFT/OFT as well as other Combat Fitness Tests in our military, you need to try this method of training. This will help you not only get TO the training (Phase 1 of tactical fitness), but prepare yourself to get THROUGH the training (Phase 2 of tactical fitness) Also, if you are preparing for special ops training pipelines where all the elements of fitness (strength, power, speed, agility, endurance, muscle stamina, flexibility, mobility, grip) need to be highly developed, try 3-4 months of block periodization and maintain your strengths while building up your weaknesses.

If you prefer the EBOOK version Click EBOOK - Spring Training Getting To and Through Selection - INcrease Endurance and Maintain Strength

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