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1BOOK - Tactical Fitness - The Dirty Dozen Fitness Test
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1BOOK - Tactical Fitness - The Dirty Dozen Fitness Test

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What is Tactical Fitness? Learning how to get GOOD at all the elements of fitness is a requirement for the tactical athlete:  strength / power, speed / agility, endurance (run, ruck, swim) / muscle stamina, flexibility / mobility, grip strength.  We all come into this game with some weaknesses from our athletic history - make those weaknesses strengths or your future training / profession will expose them very quickly. 

Tactical Fitness is a 24+ week workout plan that prepares you for the Tactical Fitness Test I developed - Called the Dirty Dozen.  It includes lifting, calisthenics, running, swimming, rucking, and the use of gear to add to your tactical workouts like tires, ropes, logs, TRX, etc.  AND if you do not have that type of gear - how you can simulate it in the gym.


Over the past decade, Military, Police, Fire Fighter and Special Operations fitness has morphed into a new fitness genre along with military, police, and firefighter fitness called tactical fitness. Developed by a former Navy SEAL and building upon Special Ops fitness techniques, Tactical Fitness is designed to train you to perform to the rigorous physical training standards at the same level of excellence required of these Heroes of Tomorrow.

At the core of this program is the Tactical Fitness Test which measures 12 standards for your physical capacity, including: cardiovascular conditioning, strength, muscle coordination, and stamina.  Tactical Fitness presents a series of scaled workout plans—programs based in calisthenics, cardio, and swimming—supplemented with weights and functional athletic movements. Unique skills presented also include rope climbing, grip strength, carries, wall climbs, and much more.

With Tactical Fitness, you will:  

Reach your absolute physical peak with the same workout techniques used by Special Forces military, firefighters, and police

• Follow a rigorous fitness curriculum designed to help you exceed the limits of your strength, speed, and endurance

• Benefit from all the teaching expertise of former Navy SEAL Stew Smith • Be ready for whatever life throws at you

Tactical Fitness sets a standard of excellence that does more than meet the minimum requirement—it allows you to reach your full physical potential!

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