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EBOOK -  Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization - Winter Lift Cycle
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EBOOK - Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization - Winter Lift Cycle

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The 13 Week Winter Lift Cycle for the Tactical Athlete  (Spec Ops Level)

Here is how this lifting cycle is going to look with a goal of gaining muscle, adding strength but also maintaining calisthenics and cardio scores. This is ideal for those who are serving or seeking to serve and still must pass military fitness tests, but also need to add strength for other rigorous activities required of the tactical profession / special ops levels included. 

High Repetition / Light Weight (Weeks 1-4)

Focus on a repetition range of 12-15+ for all lifts for upper body day as well as lower body day. This can apply to machine lifts as well as free weight barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, and TRX training routines. On week 4, a de-load week is added where you change the focus from lifting and do more calisthenics and cardio maintenance mixing in all testing events of your military fitness test or future tests for acceptance into the military or special programs. 

Medium Repetitions / Medium Weight (Week 5-8) 

Focus on heavier weight that force a repetition range of 6-10 repetitions each set. You may find that the heavier the weight / fewer the reps the more challenging recovery is as well. Week 8 will be another de-load week of calisthenics and cardio as a recovery week prior to the next cycle of heavier weight training. Depending on your goals and situation, the de-load week can just be an easy week of training used as pure recovery versus focusing on a different energy system and training style. 

Lower Repetitions / Heavy Weight (Week 9-12) 

Focus on even heavier weight that force a repetition range of 5 repetitions with a few 1-3 repetition lifts. When lifting this heavy, proper form and comfortability with lifting is a must. Make sure you have good form before trying lifts in the 1-5 repetition of your max ability range. These lifts are tough on recovery and require some extra rest in between sets (sometimes a few minutes). Personally, I like to focus on my breathing and catch my breath quickly, then do some form of active rest like walk, bike, or some core exercises for a few minutes. I find these help me stay warm and ready to lift the next set. Week 12 is part de-load week as above, followed by a few days of rest, and then a final test day to see if the weight lifted at 5 reps, 3 reps, and / or 1 rep have improved over the 12-week cycle. 

There is a bonus week 13 used for testing your scores in the lifts, calisthenics, and cardio events as you start to prepare for Spring Training where the running and calisthenics progression begins again.

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