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BOOK COMBO - Navy SEAL Fitness - Plus Weight Training Programs

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Save $$ (25%) Getting Both - Navy SEAL Fitness Book and Navy SEAL Weight Training Combo – Save money and get both to complete your Spec Ops Prep regardless of your strengths and weaknesses. These programs focus on muscle stamina and endurance by turning strength exercises like pushups, dips, pullups, lunges, and squats into endurance / stamina exercises. Add in running and swimming with and without fins and you have a program that builds a foundation of fitness to be competitive at BUD/S and other spec ops schools. 

Try the workouts that have worked for many successful BUD/S graduates as well as other special ops units.  You will need a pool, a place to run, and a pullup bar. Most everything in this 12 week cycle is high repetition calisthenics, running and swimming. However, with the Navy SEAL Weight Training Workout, part two of this combo focuses on strength, power, faster paced running, rucking, load bearing exercises, and longer swims with fins. Add weights to your Navy SEAL or Special Operations training preparation. This is the second phase of the Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness book that only incorporates calisthenics, running, and swimming to help prepare for the tested elements before and during training.

Learn how to add barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, logs, sandbags, rucks and more to build a stronger, durable, more stable foundation and maintain/improve your run and swim times.  Prepare for the heavy lifting of training under logs, boats, fireman carries, and other tactical fitness events at the same time and keeping up with the challenging running, rucking, and swimming events.


Testimonial: I have purchased the Navy Seal Guide to Fitness twice in my life. I first used your book to train before joining the Army. I have been the PT award in Basic Training, At Warrior Leaders Course, at the Advanced Leaders Course, I have graduated SFAS, I was the distinguished honor graduate of the Advanced Leaders Course, Pathfinder School, The reconnaissance and surveillance leaders course, and the Civil Affairs Specialist course. Thanks for your help.

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