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PTclub: 52 Week Plan for Beginner / Intermediate Fitness Levels
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PTclub: 52 Week Plan for Beginner / Intermediate Fitness Levels

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Stew Smith has created the Beginner Fitness Club as a result of more than 60% of the emails received on a daily basis ask if we can help them lose weight in order to meet some sort of height / weight standard.  We are a successful fitness writing company specializing in military, police, and fire fighter fitness, but we also offer beginner programs to help ANYONE get fit / lose weight for ANY reason.  

What started off as free workouts he offered to friends and relatives, quickly became a program used by hundreds of local men and women seeking to get fit and lose weight.   

Now YOU can join Stew Smith's training workouts that he creates 5-6 days per week.  These are actual training programs without a gym option and with a gym option.  Both workout styles will be covered each week.  It is your job to follow along which ever pertains to you.  

Before you start however, I recommend doing the 
FREE 45 Day Plan first.  Add in the Lean Down Food Plan and Increase your water intake.  This program works and will get you ready to continue to build upon that foundation of fitness you created.  

The program follows a logical progression of training that can honestly take you from beginner on day 1 to a hundred pounds lighter, running in races, wearing clothes from 10 years ago, doing triathlons or whatever your goals are in a year.  We say - "Give us a month and we can change the way you look - give us a year and we can change your life!"  It is so true.  I have been doing this for more than 15 years now and have countless people who have started out with little hope and came out within months a complete different person.

After a 52-week cycle of these type of workouts, you will have a system that will work for you for the rest of your life.  Learning when to peak and to recover from high intensity workouts takes a lifetime of experimentation.  Stew Smith has been using this system of training for over twenty years and has developed a system that works phenomenally for military, special operations, law enforcement, and fire fighter training programs.  Many high school and collegiate athletes have utilized this training program / method and were able to compete with an entire new level of fitness.

SO - If you have less than an hour a day to workout and are truly what we consider a beginner, these new workouts might help you create a refreshing new program that pushes you like no other. 

You sign up for a year and receive a weekly workout chart of what we are doing as a group at the Beginner Fitness Club.  We will also send motivational stories of our clients as well as the latest articles of the week.

Join any time of the Year

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