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PTclub:  52 Week Advanced Training Program
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PTclub: 52 Week Advanced Training Program

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Some consider this a 52 Week Training Camp for Special Ops Style Fitness that focuses through the year on ALL the elements of fitness.

Stew Smith has created the Spec Ops Periodization Program as the testing and evaluation department of, a successful fitness writing company specializing in military, police, and fire fighter fitness.  What started off as Stew Smith's personal workouts that he openly invited local kids seeking to serve their country,  quickly became a program that is now an advanced training program for many future SEALs, Rangers, Army SF, SWAT Team members, Fire Fighters, FBI agents, Secret Service agents, and other branches of our public service groups.

Now YOU can join Stew Smith's personal workouts that he creates and tests out 5-6 days per week on America's Future military, law enforcement, special ops, and fire fighters.  The workouts you will receive on a weekly basis are PRE-PUBLISHED workouts you will not see in current books, articles, dvds, or ebooks. 

Join us as we create a perfect Year Long Plan that includes functional movement weight training, high rep calisthenics, sprinting / agilities, long distance running / rucking, swimming, swimming with fins, TRX, Kettlebells and other cardio and resistance training options.  These events are spread throughout the year in a logically progressive routine to create increases in strength, speed, stamina, endurance, as well as prevent injury.

The Science of Periodization:  The program follows a 52-week periodization cycle complete with scheduled peaks and tapers of running and/or rucking, swimming or other non impact aerobics, calisthenics, weights, and the TRX.  The workouts are new to the public and tested out personally by our group prior to publishing.  We focus on creating logical progressions spread out over a period of a year.  We divide the year into four 13 week phases:   

Phase 1 - Calisthenics / Cardio base Cycle (run / swim)

Phase 2 - Hardcore Calisthenics / Running Peak Cycle (run / swim )

Phase 3 - Calisthenics / Weights build-up / Swimming build up and running taper Cycle / rucking build up

Phase 4 - Weights and swimming peak / calisthenics and running taper Cycle / rucking build up

After a 52-week cycle of these type of workouts, you will have a system that will work for you for the rest of your life.  Learning when to peak and to recover from high intensity workouts takes a lifetime of experimentation.  Stew Smith has been using this system of training for over twenty years and has developed a system that works phenomenally for military, special operations, law enforcement, and fire fighter training programs.  Many high school and collegiate athletes have utilized this training program / method and were able to compete with an entire new level of fitness.

SO - If you have 1-2 hours a day to workout and are on an intermediate / advanced level, this weekly burst of hot, new workouts might help you create a refreshing new program that pushes you like no other. 

You sign up for a year and receive a weekly workout chart of what we are doing as a group at the Fitness Training Institute.  We will also send motivational stories of our brothers in arms as well as the latest articles of the week.

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