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2BOOK - Maximum Fitness - Navy SEAL Cross Training by Stew Smith
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2BOOK - Maximum Fitness - Navy SEAL Cross Training by Stew Smith

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Get a full year of training programs in this book that focuses on Stew Smith's Tactical Fitness Periodization program.  Each season has a different focus of the tactical elements you will need to be a well-rounded tactical athlete. 

Maximum Fitness features a 52 week program with progression focal points each quarter to create a well-rounded tactical athlete or special operations candidate.

Maximum Fitness was written by Stew Smith CSCS a few years after his first book as an answer to "what's next" after many completed the Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness.

This program focuses on fitness peaks and valleys through the year and periodizes hardcore fitness into four cycles:

1 - Calisthenics and a base of cardio workouts

2 - Hardcore Cardio and High Rep Calisthenics

3 - Hardcore Calisthenics mixed with weights / cardio

4 - Heavier weight / hypertrophy- strength cycle with light non-impact cardio options

This routine has been helpful for more than 15 years for Stew Smith as he and his teammates get ripped for the heat of the summer and prepare for the COLD air and water of the winter by adding mass and strength for a cycle. Through smart periodization, you can take your body on a roller coaster ride of advanced fitness without over-training.


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