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In Case You Missed It - Videos, Blogs, and Free Information DIY MMA

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"You have to be a media company that sells 'X' to survive in business today."

In case you missed a few recent emails, videos, and blog
posts about a new project Navy veteran and online marketing
guru Jim Edwards and I are working on, here is an update
and synopsis of some great new training we've already shared
with you in the past week!

"Do It Yourself Media Marketing Program"

In fact, here's what my experience with learning something new -
when I thought I knew everything I needed to know about selling
books and ebooks - BUT this applies to everything too:  

"With simple marketing tips, I learned from Jim Edwards, I
took two ebooks to #1 on Amazon Kindle fitness and
motivation categories. Also, using another recommendation
**, I found a VERY affordable graphic artist
online I changed the covers of all the EBOOKS in my store
had a 33% increase in sales within a month!"

Well - Jim and I TEAMED UP to create the Do It Yourself
Media Marketing Academy. We also wrote an ebook that was
ranked #1 on Amazon in the marketing category using these same

Here are links to just some of the goodies we've sent out
recently that you can access right now, for free.


ARTICLE #1: Learn about the Five phase mission planning
system SEALs use to plan and how you can immediately apply
it to your business or other life goals.


ARTICLE #2: Learn about the basics of media that have not
changed since the first caveman sat around a camp fire and
told a story to anyone who would listen.

By the way...

Do you need to make a bigger impact on your audience, but
you don't know how to stand out from all the noise of the
online crowd?

Then I've got TWO great new videos for you!

FREE VIDEOS (In Case You Missed Them):

VIDEO #1: This new video shows you the 5 steps to success
with Media Marketing and reveals exactly what you need to
succeed... no matter what you sell.

It's called "5 Pillars of Media Marketing" and you can
WATCH it here:


VIDEO #2: This new video reveals the #1 key to LONG-TERM
success with Media Marketing.

It's called "The #1 Key To Media Marketing Sccess:"Consistency"
and you can watch it here:


So there you have it. FOUR (4) awesome, meaty, and
insightful chunks of content that can put you on the fast
track with media marketing!


Jim & Stew

PS - If you're serious about building your business, selling
more books, and getting more clients, Jim and I have just
launched "D.I.Y. Media Marketing Academy" - an online
coaching program to help you use all types of media to sell
more, get more subscribers, and expand your reach, no
matter what you sell!

Get all the details here:


PPS - I got the original idea to create this program
when he heard a friend say, "You have to be a media company
that sells 'X' to survive in business today."

This book evolved into a full blown online course with
blogs, webinars, and live Q and A sessions. However, Media
is more than Facebook. You'll learn about print media,
digital media, social media, webinars, internet marketing,
and more at the DIY Media Marketing Academy.

PPPS - By the way... The end of the enrollment window on
our brand new "Media Marketing Academy" is fast
approaching - 20 DEC our course is locked for new students.
We will open it again later next year but not at this ground-breaking
price - $20 / month.

Click Here:


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