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Stew Smith Fitness has teamed up with Game Plan Nutrition to produce a nutritional supplement package to help people training for very advanced fitness training programs like Special Operations type professions to rebuild, recover, and stay healthy.  Borderline over-training can occur with the best laid training programs and if you do not focus on rest, recovery, nutrition, and hydration, you can experience many of the symptoms of over-training and soon see negative performance results.  Give this a try and see how you like it. These are perfect items to add to your food plan especially if you are burning the candle at both ends and maybe not resting like you should. 

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Special Ops Prep - Nutritional Link - Click here


Basic Training Nutritional Package - Many people who are training to join the military, police, and fire fighters first have the hurdle of losing weight to meet the height / weight requirements.  Losing body fat, building muscle, cardio endurance, and passing fitness tests have to occur at the same time.  Adding a solid food plan to help you lean down (SEE LINK), basic workout plan to help with calorie burn and fitness performance is usually enough.  BUT if you find you need some nutritional supplements to help with meal replacement, weight loss / fat burn help, as well as recovery for the next workout day, check out this Basic Training Package.  

Basic Training Nutritional Prep LINK


I used to take supplements as a teenager trying to gain weight for football and powerlifting and quit during my Navy career. However, after turning 40, I have found my recovery is not as good as it used to be and I am seeing good results with extra  protein / amino-acids for muscle rebuild, anti-oxidants for stress / cell repair, and omega 3 for inflammation.  Hard workouts  with young Spec Ops candidates takes its toll on the body, with some recovery focused supplementation and a foam roller, I  am tearing it up again.

I personally love the Whey protein, the Healthy packs with Omega 3s, and recovery powder.

Stew Smith CSCS

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