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Favorite Spec Ops Workouts for an ENTIRE Week

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Stew - I noticed you have been posting your favorite workouts of the week on, so if you had a full week of your favorites what would it look like?  Steve

Great question - I decided to make a week of my favorites or "fall back" workouts to set up this week for the Spec Ops Workout of the Week.  They are tough full body workouts with a few two-a-days, followed by a good cardio workout of run, swim, or ruck with some non impact tabata intervals / pyramids thrown in too.  See a full week of my favorite workouts!!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Warmup with a Murph: plus Spartan PT/Run

1 mile run

100 pullups
200 pushups
300 squats

1 mile run

Do quickly - as you can. 
If you need to resort to
pulldowns, knee pushups,
half squats then do so.

Spartan Run / PT
1/4 mile run
push press 50
1/4 mile run
Kb swings 50
1/4 mile run
TRX rows 50
1/4 mile run
walking lunges 50
1/4 mile run
TRX Atomic Pushups 50
plank pose 2 min


Lightweight Shoulder

Cool down cardio 30 minutes
of swim, bike, elliptical, easy run or ruck.


All-Time Favorite Cardio Workout


Jog 1.5 mile easy pace / stretch 5 min

Timed 1.5 mile run

Swim Workout:
500m cooldown with or without fins

Repeat 10 times
100m freestyle at 8-12 stroke per breath
50m easy stroke (CSS, breast, etc)

RUN or Ruck
30 min easy pace run
or option - do speed intervals of
400m x 4,200m x 8 ,100m x 5 runs

(1:2 work to rest ration)

















Favorite Two a Day
Devil's Mile:
400m run sprint
100m bear crawl
400m run sprint
100m fire man carry
400m run sprint
100m burpee jump
400m run sprint
100m Walking Lunge

Super Set PT:
Repeat 5-10 times
Run or swim 2min
pullups 5-10
Pushups 20-30
Abs of choice 50 or 1 min plank pose

Lightweight Shoulder

Later in the Day /

Barbell Complex
Repeat 3 times

power clean 5
dead lift 5
hang clean 5
Push press 5
(light weight / good form
non stop on first 4 exercises)

KB swings 1 min
Bench Press - 75% to BW - max reps
Bike / Elliptical Pyramid 5 min
(every minute increase resistance by 3 levels)




Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Swim Skills / Drills

Warmup 500m CSS / Free

Repeat 6 times
Swim 200m timed
- rest with one of each
element of the drown proofing
test each set for the time it
takes you to swim 200m
1-bottom bounce,
2 - float,
3- travel 50m,
4-front/back flip,
5 - mask pickup,
6 - plus tread no hands

Cool down 500m swim

Run or ruck 4 miles






Pt Pyramid:
Pullups x 1
Pushups x 2
Situps x 3

- Work your way up the pyramid each set increasing the reps by 1,2,3 respectively for pull, push, situps.

- Every 5th set - run 1 mile - either go to 10 and repeat in reverse order OR continue up to 20 sets and stop

Swim, bike, or elliptical tabata intervals:
Swim 50m hypox at 8-10 strokes per breath followed by 25 easy catch your breath x 10-15 sets


Bike or Elliptical
Repeat 5 times

20 sec sprint / 10 sec easy for 5 minutes
rest with 2 min abs or plank

Lightweight Shoulder





Run - Swim - Ruck Weekend Event

Run 5 miles

Swim 1500m - break up as needed:

examples:  3 x 500m

5 x 100m CSS
10 x 50m free hypox
500m with fins


Ruck - 4 mile  for time.

This is a staple cardio workout
and part of the Tactical Fitness Test Dirty Dozen Workout
Stretch cooldown



So that is it!  My favorite workouts I like to do with a group of local like-minded workout partners.  Involves several pieces of equipment like a pool, track, pullup bars, barbells, TRX, kettlebells, ellipticals or bikes..etc

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